Thursday, October 8, 2009

Applejack & Pecans

Yesterday it finally started to cool off around here, so I rushed right in and made toasted, candied nuts and hot toddies! Too soon, probably, but they were good all the same. The drink is from a recipe in Bryant Terry's Vegan Soul Kitchen for a Cinnamon-Applejack Toddy. This was my first ever bottle of Applejack brandy. Let me tell you, that stuff is not to be toyed with. I guess "strong" is what I'm trying to get to. These drinks were delightful and will definitely be part of the "warm and cozy" repetoire this winter.

The nuts are Double Maple Coated Pecans from the same book. What can be bad about candied nuts? I used them in Terry's Little Banana Maple Pecan Cornbread Muffins, which is one recipe where the title may be a bigger mouthful than the result! These were nice and tasty little nuggets.

And, just for fun, extreme close-up of candied pecans.


  1. oh man, those pecans! they look delicious....

  2. Those pecans do look amazing. I'm not sure what a hotty toddy is but it looks delicious none the less!
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