Friday, October 16, 2009

Eating in the Land of Legos

Four days into the vacation and I am ready to get home and fry some tofu. I like vegetables, really I do. But looking forward to two more trips to the salad bar today makes me want to sneak a bag of Tings into the park.

Legoland is the perfect vacation for Ben and his dad. They are serious lego nerds. We have tens of thousands of pieces, all separated by type and some even by color, in various sized bins taking up a good portion of our front room. We have a six foot table designated as "The Lego Table." They are having a ball.

But Legoland is not the place for a vegan food nut. Unlike anywhere else in the universe that I've come across, they do have a list of their vegan food options on their website. So, that's cool. But it would be cooler if any of these choices included a substantial protein. At night we've been doing Amy's frozen entrees and canned soups.

Tomorrow is another day of gas station food and Subway. Then back to the grind, but at least that grind includes tempeh!

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  1. Can you bring some Luna bars in with you? We'll definitely be going there in the future with our 4, so I'd better check out that menu link!