Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lovin' Spoonfuls

After crazy baking/activism (bake-tivism?) yesterday, today we are off to Tucson for a not very vegan-friendly barbeque. So we're going to Lovin' Spoonfuls beforehand to have brunch!! I love that place. It's the only all vegan restaurant this side of Phoenix, and their food is great. I especially like their mediterranean scramble and southwest burger.

As for the barbeque, we're bringing Yves Veggie Brats, the Zesty Italian ones. Easy-peasy. And who knows if we'll ever get hungry enough to cook them up? If I hadn't been so busy yesterday I would have made stuff like potato salad or pasta salad to bring today, but you can't be vegan chef to all people all the time.

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