Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mac n MoFo Cheese

I have a six year old who adores mac n cheese. Not nearly as much as his dad, but he likes it a lot. He was home sick yesterday (well, nominally sick), so I made this for lunch. It's the New Farm recipe as adapted by Jess of Get Sconed! here. And it is by far the best mac n cheese I've tried or probably ever will, because once I found it I stopped looking for other recipes.


  1. That macaroni looks super fantastic!!!

  2. mmmm...I will HAVE to try this. Mac & Cheese is the only thing I'm really missing in my life right now, LOL!


  3. I love the New Farm Mac n Cheese but hardly ever make it because of all the oil / margarine, I can't wait to try this healthier version.