Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spice Jars, A Photo Essay

Before the veganity, I had some garlic salt and a jar of Italian seasoning. But when beans and rice are your template, herbs and spices make all the difference. So, my collection steadily grew until I faced the need to do something about it.
Here is a brief photo essay on my birthday gift to myself this year: 40 empty spice jars!

#1 Before. Unorganized and difficult to read labels.

#2 Ben helping cap and label new jars.
#3 My lovely spice jars all filled up and alphabetized.

#4 On the shelf, arranged by family. Readable and ready to go!

Next project will be that next shelf up.


  1. Oh wow! Such a great idea. I really need to do this.

  2. I showed this one to my boyfriend and he drooled over this. He longs to put my spice cupboard in some sort of order.

  3. That looks great! I need to do something like that with my spices.