Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last week I bought two eggplants to make baba ganouj for the PPK Get It Ripe challenge. Well, I missed the boat on that challenge and really needed to use those eggplants. I've wanted to try baba ganouj for a long time, and there's nowhere to buy it pre-made around here. So today I tried it. It isn't too much work, but you do have to have time to roast the eggplants for an hour, turning them every fifteen minutes, then let them cool, then let them drain, then they have to set and chill after mixing with the other ingredients. All right, I guess it's time intensive.

Unfortunately, I served it with Vegan Dad's Tempeh Gyros. Bad move. I have no idea how the baba ganouj is because I love these gyros too damn much. I should have known that anything served with these would pale in comparison. Maybe when I run out of leftovers of the gyros, I can give the baba ganouj a fair shake. I hope it's still good by then.

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