Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ultra Healthy

These recipes are all Joanna Stepaniak's from Neal Barnard's Breaking the Food Seduction. Turns out, even vegans can pack on the weight if we aren't careful about what we eat. So, these are low fat, super nutritious meals. And yes, they seem to be doing the job!

First, there's Chuckwagon Stew, with tempeh, potatoes, carrots, and onion. This was good, and even better the second, third, and fourth days. Warm and hearty. Perfect for winter nights.

Southern Beans and Greens served on brown rice. Have you ever seen a healthier bowl of food? It relies heavily on hot sauce to make it interesting, but you feel like a superhero after you eat it, so it's a decent trade off.

Cheddary Soup with Italian Chickpea Spread. This soup is thick and captures the tangy, smoothness of cheese. It uses silken tofu as a thickener and is loaded with nutritional yeast so it's a protein bomb. The spread is nice. It won't replace Gee Whiz as the epitome of cracker happiness, but it was good in combination with the soup.
Here's to a new year of getting and staying fit and feeling fantastic!

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  1. Delicious! Something about a nice big bowl of soup is perfect to warm me up on a snowy day. I made the best split pea soup last night :)

    Hope your enjoying the new year!